Mama and the Wild Things is a family and lifestyle blog. Mama, also known as Ali, is a writer, and Daddy, Euan, is a musician. They live in the wilds of the Scottish countryside with their Wild Things, Ilia 11, Soren 3 and Sullivan – also known as Bear – 2.

With a background in textiles and publishing Ali is interested in sustainability, sustainable fashion, eating well, interiors, music and kids’ literature, as well as literature for grown ups. All of these interests are reflected in the blog, as well as the most pressing concern of raising kids who are at least half way balanced, happy and secure.

Euan obviously loves music, buying vinyl, reading books and drinking good red wine, cheap red wine, any red wine. Together we love(d) going to gigs, art galleries and eating out.

The kids are most interested in Haribo and CBeebies, and drawing on the walls, thus trampling on Ali’s interests as listed above. The struggle is real…Ilia loves drawing, crafting, listening to music and reading. Soren loves swords, puzzles, teenage mutant ninja turtles, pirates, vikings – do you sense a theme here? – and being outside. Sullivan loves building things, be it wooden blocks, duplo or railways, it’s all much loved, he also loves being read to, horses, walking on ahead on family walks, and generally getting into mischief all day long.

If you’d like to work with Mama and the Wild Things then please email all chat to ali@mamaandthewildthings.com