October Means…

We are big fans of October. Euan laughs at me at the start of every season because it’s common to hear me say all over excited, I love autumn so much, or I love spring so much, and so it seems I’m fickle, whereas really I like change. I always feel a bit tired when it gets to the end of a season and instead of being sad to see it go, look forward to the next, but there’s something really extra exciting about the start of autumn and the turning of the year.

Maybe it’s the way the light dips and lowers, or maybe it’s the crisper smell in the air and first fingers of frost on the grass early in the morning, maybe it’s the hints of Halloween, Bonfire Night, colder nights spent in front of the fire and then the rising excitement and suspense and parcels start to arrive, as the wardrobe heaves and creaks under the weight of Santa’s secrets, the anticipation of Christmas and the lifting of the dark that’s engulfed us.

I used to dread winter, used to hate the hurrying to work in the dark, returning home in the dark, barely seeing the sun for weeks on end. Euan loves winter. I thought he was mad to begin with, but I’ve learnt to see it through his eyes and now October means a new beginning, a start of the celebrations where we can all celebrate surviving another year, celebrate the earth turning towards sleep, where we can let ourselves slow a little, pause before the onslaught of the long warm days, where we can settle into the natural rhythm of things and rest for a season.

This year we will carve three pumpkins, and no doubt I’ll get all schmaltzy and sentimental thinking how this time next year there will be an extra pumpkin added to the line up. We will decorate the house with tacky spiders and eat our body weight in sweets. We will all curl up in the candle light and scare ourselves just a tiny little bit, and all of this, this rhythm and celebration will make us feel alive. And when put like that, what’s not to love about October? What do you love about the season? What does October meant o you?


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